Anything worth doing is worth doing _____

This weekend at church we heard a terrific homily by Deacon Norm Roos in which he shared his own struggles with prayer, and his motto that anything worth doing is worth doing well… which of course meant that if he wasn’t good at prayer, he spent his time on things that he was better at.


I can totally empathize with that point of view. I know the things I am good at, as well as knowing my limitations. I spend more time on the things I am good at and tend to avoid doing things I am not good at.

But, of course, Deacon Norm continued to talk about the intrinsic value of prayer. And that prayer, even done poorly is better than no prayer at all. Prayer is intrinsically good for us, whether we do it well, or whether we do it poorly.

Matthew Kelly from Dynamic Catholic talks about the 7 Pillars of Catholic Spirituality, the value of Contemplation and spending time in the “classroom of silence.” He’s been encouraging people for over 20 years to spend 10 minutes a day in prayer, so that they can hear the voice of God in a world that’s overwhelmed with noise.