Be the Ball?

Golf Balls by oatsy40, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  oatsy40 

My dear husband and I are long-time fans of the movie Caddyshack. Last night we were chatting about improving his golf drive…  and I joked that he should “be the ball.”

He replied, “What I really need to do is be the club. I’ve spent too much time being the ball.”

That got me thinking…. how much time in our lives do we spend being the ball instead of being the club? Being the object that’s “acted upon” instead of being the one who’s initiating the action? I know that sometimes I feel swept away by events, particularly lately with the tragedy on December 14th, the Boston Marathon Bombing, the Texas factory explosion and all the other “bad news” that’s surrounding us. As a young friend of mine put it “Why is there so much history being made now?”

Where in our lives can we decide to “be the club” and not allow our health and mental well-being to be swept away by the events of the world?  For me, I am deliberately turning off the main-stream news. I am taking more time to be quiet, to reflect, to pray. I am trying to find more ways to express kindness and compassion to those around me.

In the great golf game of life, I think it’s time to stop being the ball and start being the club.

What do you think?