The Life of a Kitchen Table

Many years ago, when my Mom was having her kitchen redone, she asked the remodelers to make her a kitchen table with the same material that was being used for the countertops. So, they did. But unfortunately the beautiful sturdy white table top was mounted on cheap spindly little legs. My Mom was so disappointed and upset that her carpenter friend Todd said “Don’t worry. I will make you a table so sturdy you can dance on it.”

Kitchen TableAnd he did. My mom used the table for several years and then when she moved to a smaller apartment, she gave the table to us (Thanks Mom!) In addition to being a place to eat, it has been used for doing homework, playing chess, a variety of crafts and an extension to our dining room table when we have larger family gatherings.

But now, the table is moving on to the next phase of it’s life. We’ve replaced it in our kitchen with a butcher-block kitchen island (that I have longed for for years and I LOVE). We called our church‘s social concerns committee and offered the table for free to anyone who needed it.

Today a gentleman is coming to pick it up. His son is getting his first apartment and needs a kitchen set. So we say goodbye to our old friend and know that it will continue it’s life of usefulness for a long while to come.

And in case you’re wondering, it is sturdy enough to dance on….

Dancing on the Table