Bluebirds of Hope – Sandy Hook's Guardian Angels

Eastern Blue Bird

In the days following the tragedy on December 14th, I received many emails from people all around the world. I am the webmaster for St. Rose Church and my email address is listed there. Most people sent prayers and messages of love, hope and caring. It’s was both inspiring and heart-wrenching to read the stories people shared.

One message I received was from the head of a prayer shawl ministry in Pennsylvania asking where they could send prayer shawls for the families of the victims. Dona also was particularly interested in sending a Prayer Blanket to Gene Rosen, the neighbor of Sandy Hook School who found 6 children in his driveway that morning and sheltered them until their parents could come. She was so moved by his care and compassion she felt a special need to reach out to him.

After several months, I heard from Dona again. She had been experiencing her own life-altering experiences; mother’s illness, lost job and then her father passed away. But she persevered in  love, hope and caring and was finally able to send a prayer blanket to Mr. Rosen. They spoke on the phone the other day…

At one point in our conversation, he asked me for my email address because he wanted to do something for me.  I gave him my email, and he started talking about bluebirds.  I just stopped cold.  You see, I asked my Dad for a sign that all was well — the sign was bluebirds.  I never told Mr. Rosen this, and yet here he was telling me he wanted to send me photos he took of bluebirds!

Bluebirds ordinarily migrate to avoid the New England winters, but this year, Mr. Rosen told Dona, they stayed surrounding the school like little guardian angels.

I am so deeply grateful to people who take the extra step, go the extra mile to extend love and compassion. It inspires me.

In the midst of so much pain and fear, the light continues to shine. The Power of Love will Prevail.




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