Face Masks Suck. Embrace the Suck.

No Mask No Service

It confuses me beyond measure; the arguments, craziness and down-right meanness I see online about face masks. I know that wearing a face mask sucks. It’s hard to breathe, it fogs up my glasses, the elastics hurt my ears.

But I understand there is a reason for the ruling. And I understand that my actions (or inaction) can have powerful implications for those I encounter.

My son works at a grocery store. He’s an essential worker. He wears glasses and has to wear a mask all day while he works. His glasses fog up and it’s hard to breathe. All the essential workers going out and about have to wear masks all day long.

I deeply dislike wearing a mask when I am out in public, but I do it because it’s the right thing to do. Embrace the suck, do the right thing and wear the darned mask.