Should we get a Double Oven Range? Will our Turkey fit?

These are the burning questions I turn to when the work day is winding down and the Mommy-taxi service has not yet begun. I may have mentioned that our circa 1977 electric range oven has been on the fritz. And we plan to host a moderately large family gathering this year for Thanksgiving.

GE Oven Dials (left)
GE Oven Dials (left) by Bill Bradford used under a Creative Commons License.

This is about what our control panel looks like, sans the oven temperature recommendations.

So, I’ve been visiting Consumer Reports, reading online, asking questions of my Facebook pals and pretty much virtually shopping for our new oven range. I have always longed for a double oven. My first high-school boyfriend’s Mom had double wall ovens in her kitchen…

and as someone who loved to bake, I could see the beauty of such an arrangement. However, we don’t have the correct kitchen arrangement for double wall ovens (which were the clear favorite among my Facebook friends). So, I started looking at standard ranges with double ovens. I liked the idea of a smaller oven on top and larger one on bottom (another FB friend recommendation.)

GE Double Convection Oven Electric Range

My dear husband objected to the double oven. His thought was “if there are two ovens, neither is liable to be able to handle a large item like a Thanksgiving Turkey with trimmings….”

maximum oven
maximum oven by bunbunlife used under a Creative Commons License

But, from what I have read (product descriptions of the interior dimensions of the ovens, Consumer Reports, and Online testimonials), I think we’re going to be just fine. And what a joy to be able to cook the double batch of Sweet Potato Casserole (for UT) in the top oven at 400° F, while the turkey and stuffing are at the perfect roasting temp in the lower oven.

So, the shopping begins. I am doing most of my product comparisons online, but plan to purchase from All American Appliance in Monroe. They have been a great company to work with. Shop local, and all that!  Addendum: Just found out that All American Appliance now only does service and not sales.