Charisms: Your Superpowers from the Holy Spirit

Sometimes thinking about it, I say “No, can’t be. Superpowers!?”

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But when you learn more about the Charisms – special supernatural gifts given by the Holy Spirit to every person for his or her personal Mission, for their Calling to perform his or her task in the Church and in the World. These special gifts are given for the benefit of others, not for ourselves. But when we are exercising our Charisms we feel “in the flow” and as if the action “fits us” in a special way. The other wonderful thing about Charisms is that when you are exercising yours, you are effective in a remarkable or extra-ordinary way: when a person with the Charism of Teaching teaches, people learn as if God were teaching, when a person exercises the Charism of Healing, people are Healed as if God were healing.

Interested in learning more? Check out the Catherine of Siena Institute:

I am hoping to be able to offer a small group workshop soon for the Discernment of Charisms at St. Rose of Lima in Newtown. Stay tuned.