Pray without Ceasing – Offer it Up

Great Homily this weekend by Fr. Luke Suarez about how all that we do can be a prayer, not just our formal prayers at Mass or saying a rosary. We can offer all we do as parents, as employees, as students in praise. And then every action becomes a prayer.IMG_1254-1024x774

It’s a beautiful and powerful idea. I just wish I was better at it. This summer has been tough so far, with a lot of family needs and obligations which means very little “fun time” and no vacation for us this year. I know, even as I write it I think “My goodness, you’re selfish! As if you didn’t have an abundance of blessings in your life.”

Yet, I’m finding it difficult… to offer it up, to take my “trials and sufferings” (as minimal as they are) and offer them as a prayer and as praise to the One who provides all the blessings in my life. And then, I get angry at myself for NOT being able to offer it up and let it go. A vicious cycle.

This morning, I found this great quote at

It’s quite a discipline to react to suffering this way! In mental or physical pain? Drop something on your toe? Putting up with a co-worker who is making your life a living Hell? Enduring the constant ache of arthritis? Standing in line at the grocery and hating every minute of it? Spill the milk? Accept these things in peace, and ask God to use them for the good of the Church or for a more specific intention close to your heart. This isn’t easy to do (and I in no way claim to be good at it), but it does make the suffering more meaningful and less — well, less insufferable!

So, today, I offer my “sufferings” to God and ask that he use them for the good of those who need (so much more than I do) the blessings of food, shelter, health and comfort. Amen.


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