Catholic Evangelization: Revitalizing the Catholic Church

Last night I was reading Rediscover Catholicism by Matthew Kelly in preparation for a book study on Saturday morning. He made a comment that in the time of Francis of Assisi, Church had become a practice of habit instead of a true conviction and spiritual connection. Seems to me that we’re in a time like that right now. Of course, there are the core groups of Dynamic Catholics that are fully engaged in the practice of their faith, but sometimes it gets discouraging to look at the trends of attendance and growth in the church. And the really scary statistics of how many teenagers leave the church after Confirmation.

However, there’s always hope! And the Dynamic Catholic Institute is an organization that I think embodies the hope for the future.

Dynamic Catholic Mission


I love the idea of developing World-Class Resources. Right now, each Parish and Diocese tends to operate entirely on it’s own for Spiritual and Religious Education Programs. By supporting Dynamic Catholic in creating “World Class” programs, we get the best of the best and save each individual parish a lot of time in the development. Here’s is the 10 year plan for resource development:

Dynamic Catholic 10 Year Plan


Just imagine that it would mean to have programs around these life-moments, Catholic-Moments that are the best of the best. It could totally revitalize the experience of Catholics around the world… re-opening their eyes to the beauty and genius of their faith.

It’s a future I will do whatever it takes to create. What about you?

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