Gifts Interviews

Part Two: After going through the introductory Called & Gifted workshop (either live or on CD) and taking the Catholic Spiritual Gifts Inventory, the second step is to have a one hour personal gifts interview.
Experienced, CSI-trained gifts interviewers are available by phone. Our interviewers can help you:

  • look at your inventory results
  • listen to your experiences of being used by God
  • recognize patterns in your life that may indicate the presence of a charism
  • choose one charism to discern
  • find a way to “experiment” with that gift in the context of your real life
  • answer your personal questions about specific charisms or discernment

Enneagram Consulting

How to use the Enneagram to help you discern your habitual patterns, vices and virtues. Use the wisdom of the Enneagram to overcome your instinctual reactions and shift attention to your virtues and gifts for a life of greater depth, love and purpose.