Easy Scrapbook Embellishments Using Paper Punches

I love working on our scrapbooks and my family loves to look at them. In fact, my 16 year-old son has been after me to “get back to work” since I am behind a few years on our family albums and even further behind on the albums I made for the kids.Enjoying Scrapbooks

Anyway, my favorite tools for making easy scrapbook embellishments are the paper punches from Creative Memories.

Paper Punches

I’m not a eyelet, brad, complex paper-crafty kinda girl. I use the paper-punches to make embellishments for pages out of coordinating paper and sometimes even punch photos that I am not using in a particular layout. Like, sky & sand at the beach, flowers in a forest, green grass from a meadow. I think they make terrific enhancements to the page and they are so easy (and much less expensive than using lots of  stickers.)

For other resources on Easy Scrapbook Embellishments, I recommend looking up the books by Cathy Zielske, whose totally apropos tagline is “Taking the crap out of Scrapbooking since 2001.”  I’m also going to do a little searching to find some ideas for using the paper punches to create unique page borders. I attended a terrific workshop years ago and ended up with some really nicely decorated journal boxes and page borders that I would love to re-learn how to do.

I understand that there are lots of people who like to make each page of a scrapbook a time and labor-intensive work of art, but for me the main event is the photos and the journaling. My goal in keeping scrapbooks is to preserve memories. In this fast-paced digitally focused world, sometimes it’s really nice to settle down with a scrapbook in your lap and page through the past. Looking at photos, reading stories, taking stock of where we’ve been and where we are going. Give it a try today, spend some time looking at family photos, I guarantee it will feel like a mini-vacation.

So, what are your favorite easy scrapbook embellishments?

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