What’s it like Keeping Chickens?

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Occasionally, I get to feeling really farm-girl and decide that we should get some chickens for our backyard… ah, fresh eggs, free fertilizer. It seems like such a good idea from the safety of my couch.
What wakes me up from my dream state is the fear of what keeping chickens would be like in the “real world” vs. the world of my mind.

I did do some research around the idea and found these resources online:

The article that scared me off was the last one… what you should know before getting chickens.

Some of the things the author mentions are:

The biggest annoyance is the noise. We don’t have a rooster (we are not allowed to by zoning laws, nor would we want one) but still the noise that these creatures make is impressive.

Chickens eat a lot of food, requiring re-stocking of their feeder about every three days. Of course this food turns into chicken poop. Chicken poop is high in nitrogen so it is an excellent fertilizer but it also releases a lot of smelly nitrous oxide.

Yikes, it sounds like having a bunch of noisy, smelly beasts invading our property. I’m not sure “home-grown” eggs and free-fertilizer are worth it.

However, I would love to hear from people who are actually keeping chickens. Particularly anybody in the New England area, who have to cope with cold winters and very changeable temperatures.

The last bit of info for today… I found this great infographic on Visually on how to build a backyard chicken coop. Which is what got me thinking about keeping chickens again.

How to Build A Chicken Coop
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