Great Resources for Living Crunchier

As I began doing research into a variety of my “living crunchier” projects, I found that there are a few websites I seem to return to again and again, here are some of my current favorite sites.

Resources for Living Crunchy

  • Crunchy Betty
    • Lots of great information here on homemade beauty products, “you have food on your face.” Leslie also has an Etsy shop where she sells her creations (and even gives you the recipes so you can make your own at home.) Lastly, I love her wit and sense of humor. Check out this post on Bathroom Cleaning.
  • Harmonious Belly
    • Found a lot of great information and recipes on this site for water kefir and other fermented foods.
  • One Good Thing by Jillee
    • Found some terrific recipes for homemade cleaning products here. Today there’s a great post reprising information about oil cleansing… LOVE IT!
  • Wellness Mama
    • Another site with lots of great DIY recipes and ideas. Stumbled upon one today on 21 Uses for Epsom Salt, definitely worth reading more about that.
  • Frugal by Choice, Cheap by Necessity
    • Found this site while researching water kefir. Again, lots of great recipes and ideas, but what I really love is Sarah’s “voice” and sense of humor. Anyone who can describe exactly what a bad batch of water kefir smells like, and make me laugh out loud while doing it, is worth following!

I am sure as I continue to write and research I’ll find more great sites. But today I just want to say THANK YOU to these bloggers. I have found such wonderful information on your sites and each new learning leads me on to follow another thread and learn even more.

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