My “no poo” adventures

No, it’s not potty talk. “No Poo” is a catch-phrase used to describe hair-care without Shampoo. I learned about it a while ago while surfing around some crunchy blogs.

The basic recipe for going completely no ‘poo is; about a tablespoon of Baking Soda in 8oz of water, shaken well, scrubbed into hair and scalp and rinsed. If you need conditioning, the recommendation is for a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in 8oz of water for a conditioning rinse.

No Poo

I was totally intrigued and decided to try it. I had recently jumped on the Wen bandwagon, an absurdly expensive “cleansing conditioner” that I had used years ago with great results. However, this time around, it made my hair very heavy and greasy, so I was looking for an alternative.

Being that I have oily hair to begin with, I was leery of trying the baking soda alone, but I gave it a try. Unfortunately, there can be a transition time (up to a couple of weeks) as your scalp gets used to the fact that all the natural oils are not being stripped away by shampoo. I have to confess, I couldn’t take the transition time, my hair was too greasy with just the baking soda wash. That first day it was as if I hadn’t washed my hair at all. I might try again this summer…

I did a little more research and found that there are both simple and complex recipes out there for a homemade shampoo. What I ended up with was a sorta ‘poo method using 1 part liquid castile soap to 3-4 parts water. I added essential oils to make my own scented blend. This seems to be the perfect recipe for me. The castile soap and water combination foams up great, washes my hair completely clean and costs SOOO much less than commercial shampoo. Not to mention that it avoids all the chemicals in shampoo.

I do occasionally use the vinegar and water rinse (again with a little essential oil added for scent.) I know it seems hard to believe, but the vinegar water is a great conditioner. I need it only rarely because my scalp and hair are now very “balanced” and my hair is neither oily or dry. I also no longer need gel or mousse or anything else to style my hair. It’s is soft, has body and, mostly, behaves.

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