Great Resources for Containers for Homemade Stuff

Where do you find: glass bottles for fermenting water kefir, bottles for shampoo or body oil, containers for body balm or powder or even cloth grocery bags that are not imprinted with a store logo?

Today’s post is my Go To List for containers. My container of choice for most things is the ubiquitous mason jar.

I use mason jars for salads, oatmeal, snacks and fruit. Also for sprouting beans and for the first ferment of water kefir. Lastly, I use mason jars for my body balm and body powder too.

The other kind of bottle I use are flip-top bottles for the second ferment of water kefir or homemade flavored vinegars, oils or liqueurs.

Specialty Bottle

I got these bottles from Specialty Bottle: I was very happy with their pricing, delivery was efficient and everything arrived in good condition.

I recently ordered a bunch of other bottles & jars for homemade body wash, shampoo, lip gloss (my daughter’s specialty), we also got a few spray bottles, some foaming hand-wash bottles (remind me to share my hand soap revelation) and bottles and reeds for DIY reed diffusers. Got the whole bunch from Container and Packaging Supply: Great prices, no minimums, lots of variety, speedy shipment, great online chat; a couple of bottles broke en route, used the chat to report the trouble, replacements were on the way within a day.

ScreenShot965 (1)

The last thing wanted to mention, while it’s not related to bottles or jars, is a great place to get cloth grocery bags. I have been using cloth bags since before the grocery stores were selling their own “brand” of bag. These bags are sturdy, machine washable, perfectly sized and reasonably priced (they were less $ when I bought mine back in the 90’s). Added bonus: The Cloth Bag Company bags are USA made.

What are your favorite resources for containers for homemade stuff?

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