Fiddlehead Fern or Cinnamon Fern?

These lovely fuzzy ferns are growing in a few places in our neighborhood. I stopped this morning to snap this picture on the way home from the kid’s bus-stop.


I was about to post it on Facebook with the label of Fiddlehead Fern (because that’s what I thought it was.) But after a little looking around, it seems that the popular edible fiddlehead fern that frugal New Englanders love to forage doesn’t really look like this, but instead are much smoother looking:

Fiddlehead Ferns

So I did some Googling around to find out what these ferns were. I am pretty sure they are Cinnamon Fern (, but will need to wait for their Cinnamon stage to be sure. Here’s a little snippet from Google Images of their “cinnamon stage.”

ScreenShot943 (1)

What’s growing in your neighborhood right now?

BTW, in case you too can’t find the handy “similar images” link that used to appear on the Google Image Search Results, this quick (silent) little video shows you the “new and improved” <ha!> way to find visually similar images on Google Image Search.

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