Why I Love the St. Rose Carnival

We moved to Newtown in 2001, after spending much time scoping out what we thought would be the perfect place to raise our family. Shortly after we moved in, we re-engaged with the Catholic Church (a long story for another day…) and since then, the St. Rose Carnival has been an annual tradition for our family.

St. Rose CarnivalI love the St. Rose Carnival because it’s big enough to have something for everyone: food, games, little-kid rides and big-kid rides. Yet small enough that my now teens can cruise with their friends and we don’t have to worry about their safety.

I love the St. Rose Carnival because almost every other person you see there is someone you know and there are lots of hugs and smiles and wishes for a happy summer.

I love that the St. Rose Carnival is the product of so many wonderfully dedicated staff and volunteers, that together we help make it all happen with our time, talent, donations, prayers and, of course, our raffle tickets!

And I love that even on a rainy evening, you’ll still find lots of people having fun.

St. Rose Carnival 2013

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