The Importance of the 5th of April

Have you ever had a day or a time that seems to reoccur with significance in your life? Mine is April 5th.

On that day several people who were important influences in my life were born:

Another VIP in my life, our dog Buddy, was born on that day. That’s how he came to be part of our lives….

We had been “puppy-sitting” my sister’s new miniature schnauzer and I fell in love. I begged my dear husband for us to be able to get a schnauzer puppy as well. He was not enthused. But when I told him the April 5th story… about the significant people in my life and the fact that Buddy was born on April 5th as well…


And today, my latest April 5th story. Our son, who has had to be on medicine since he was a toddler, is now, today, April 5th, 2013, med-free.

Do you have a day or time of significance for you? Please share in the comments.

Happy April 5th!

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