Spring Fever!

Forsythia by ellenm1, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  ellenm1 
Just look at the colors! The forsythia, the buds popping, the daffodils, tulips and hyacinth blooming.
Spring Garden

All I want to do it be out there in it, listening to the birds, soaking in the sun, digging in the dirt. To enter deeply into a reality that doesn’t include pain and suffering, violence and madness around every corner.

I find myself wanting the pace of life to be slower and slower. To drink deeply of the sunshine through the trees, to walk slowly, surrounded by birdsong.

To listen closely for the melodic song of the wood thrush.

To breathe in and breathe out, appreciating both. Awakening to the pause between.

The definition I found of Spring Fever at Wikipedia said that it’s characterized by an increase in energy, vitality and appetites. I think what I have is a little Frühjahrsmüdigkeit, literally “Spring tireness”

…characterized by a state of low energy and weariness experienced by many people in springtime.

Not that I’m weary of everything, just long to-do lists and piles of complex work when I can hear the call of Springtime through my window. 🙂

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