The Power of Words

Journal 1985

This past February (2014), I reviewed the Avatar Wizard Course for the first time. I took the course for the first time in 2004. While doing one of the exercises early in the week, I had a memory of a wish/want/desire/goal that I had when I was much younger. I remembered exactly which journal I wrote it in (because I never had another one quite like it), but not the year or my age or the details of the entry, just the feel of it and the power of the desire behind it.

After digging through the boxes of journals in the attic, I was able to find the exact entry I remembered:

I was 20 when I wrote the following passage:

If I only knew how to give power to the words. If I only could utter some magic and the words would become real. They would wake emotions. The words could make you cry in despair, laugh in joy, heart pound in anticipation, your palms moisten with fear.

Word are lifeless without a creator. They are lines of symbols pressed together randomly on a page.

If I only knew how to make the words speak to your soul. Make them fit together and blend as the threads of fine linen.

If I only knew how to give the words substance, I would be powerful.

My words would shake your soul, move your heart, inspire your actions. My words would live.

I was 20. That’s the part that still boggles me. I’m a little uncertain has to how that powerful dream got lost along the way, but I’ve decided, even 29 years later, it’s not too late to put my attention on this dream. Opening my heart to that possibility has also opened several other doors in my life. I will keep you posted on how it goes.



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