Planting Spring Onions

Originally published on on April 13, 2013


Last weekend I planted onion sets. We mostly eat them as scallions/green onions instead of letting them mature to full sized onions.

Green Onions

We use the year-round mulch method of gardening. I learned about it from reading Ruth Stout’s book :How to Have a Green Thumb without an Aching Back

So the garden is rather messy looking most of the time, but the soil under the hay and leaves is organic and rich and fertile.


This is what the plot looked like when I started, covered over with the winter blanket of hay and leaf mulch.

Planting onion sets is easy. Just clear away the mulch, I use my handy-dandy soil knife to move the hay and “rough up” the soil a little bit.


Then, throw about the tiny onions on the plot


The onion sets are sown thickly because we eat the thinnings.

Then just press down the onions into the soil… making sure the root end is down and the stem end is up.


Then cover them lightly with hay.

Lightly cover with straw

And wait for your scallions to come up. Yum.

I recently saw an article about re-growing green onions. Cool idea, I’ll have to give it a try..

28 April 2013: Onion Update. They’re popping up! Had some in a batch of homemade coleslaw last night. Delicious.