I work during the day too.

There’s a Bible Study at our church (Walking with Purpose at St. Rose of Lima) that last year only took place on Wednesday mornings, but this Fall will have an evening offering on Tuesdays. It’s a study just for women and is transformative to say the very least.

Frequently when I would mention it to people to invite them to the Connect Coffee sessions they would respond “I’d love to, but I work.” or “Sounds nice, but I work during the day.” Now, maybe it’s me, but I always heard the implication that I, who also “work during the day” but have a flexible schedule was being seen as a “woman of leisure” who spent her day eating bon bons and reading books instead of working for a living.

I am very grateful that I do have a flexible schedule, that I can work evenings and weekends to make up for any time I take during the day for something like a Bible Study. I hope that in the future more people will have the option for flexible schedules. Schedules that allow them to take that elusive afternoon or morning off to spend time with family, or in a Bible Study, or just appreciating the great outdoors.