Honey Lane Rocks!

I love my neighborhood. I love my neighbors! We live in a secluded little part of Sandy Hook that was built in the 1960’s and 1970’s when a large parcel of beautiful woodsy property was subdivided into our wonderfully “old-fashioned” neighborhood. There are no giant-sized houses here, or even huge tracts of land, it’s mostly moderately-sized, yet very comfortable, houses and yards.

Honey Lane in SpringThis is a place where we have block parties, where neighbors bring meals when there’s been tragedy in a family, where you check on your neighbors after a storm to see if they need anything you have, where the “Last Day of School” party is an annual tradition that my children will always remember.

I feel so deeply grateful to be part of this neighborhood family. I also feel that there’s something here that all of us should pay attention too… even those without the blessings of a neighborhood like ours. It’s our connections that give our lives meaning. Our shared traditions and our loving kindness toward one another that make a community worth being a part of. I feel blessed to share in this community.

Thank you to all my wonderful neighbors!



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