Family can make it Fun

This has been a busy summer for us…. we’ve offered lots of help to family who needed to move house. This past weekend, we moved my mother-in-law from her home of 18 years to a new apartment, quite a job! In the midst of all the hard work of sorting, packing and moving, we were still able to smile, laugh and have a little bit of a “party” atmosphere because… we had help! John’s brothers: Tom and Dan traveled from far flung parts of the US to come help with the move.

Our darling daughter summed it up best when she said “Having Uncle Dan and Uncle Tom here makes this work more fun.”

Moving the SafeWe feel very lucky and blessed to have had their help, their humor and their great attitudes. Sometimes family getting together can make even the simple things in life more difficult… but in our case, adding brothers to the mix only helped the situation. That’s not to say that there weren’t moments of friction over the weekend… with that much work to be done in a short period of time, there are bound to be differences of opinion in how things should be done; like moving the super-heavy home safe, or packing into the truck all the bits and pieces so that nothing would move, shift or break en route.

Most of the work is now complete, there are things left to re-assemble, unpack and sort, but the hard work is done. And, as Dan said last night… “I can’t wait to get back to work, so I can have a rest!”

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