DIY Reed Oil Diffuser – Fail :-(

I found a great article online a while ago on how to make an inexpensive reed oil diffuser at home. These diffusers are a wonderful way to gently scent a room without opting in to the “Glade plug in” route. So, I thought it would be great to make my own at home.

I used the instructions at:

I used mineral oil, vodka and orange and lemon essential oils. I had a old, empty diffuser hanging around, so I had the bottle and the reeds.

DIY Reed Diffuser Fail

But, silly me, didn’t realize that oil and vodka won’t stay mixed (think oil and vinegar salad dressing.)

So far, the reeds still have the leftover scent from the previous store-bought contents. I don’t know if they will begin to pickup the new essential oil scent. I guess I could be patient and see what happens. But personally I think it looks so silly as is that I probably will dump it out and try a new recipe.

Basically all I need is a way to thin out the mineral oil to be the correct viscosity to diffuse through the reeds. I suppose I could use another kind of oil…but I don’t want anything that would go rancid and defeat the purpose of a pleasant scent!

Suggestions? Ideas?