Divergent Kindle Version: Don’t Buy It

Until HarperCollins Publishers allows you to lend your Kindle book, Don’t Buy It.

Divergent Kindle Book

My daughter read Divergent, on loan from her school library, and told our four-Kindle family what a great book she thought it was. So, I let her buy the next book in the series, Insurgent for her Kindle. While I bought Divergent on mine, thinking that when I was finished I could loan the book to my husband and my son.

Then, I discovered that HarperCollins has not authorized the Kindle version of Divergent for lending.

Usually to lend a book to another Kindle owner, all you have to do it go to the section of your account where you can manage your content:

Manage Kindle Content

Then you can choose the title of the book in your library, click Actions and then click Loan this Title.  You will then be prompted to enter the email address of the recipient. 

Loan Kindle BookThe book is removed from your Kindle library temporarily (3 weeks) and appears in the library of the person to whom you lent the book. If you finish the book before 3 weeks, you can delete the book from your library and it will revert to the Kindle of the person who lent it to you. This process makes Kindle books the perfect kind of book to own, perfectly portable, highlight-able, and lend-able.

So, in my opinion, until HarperCollins makes the Divergent series books lend-able.

Don’t buy them.