Coconut Oil Treatment for Rosacea

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that makes your face turn red and may cause swelling and skin sores that look like acne.

There is no known cure.


I have had Rosacea since around the time my son was born. It was years before I sought a Doctor’s diagnosis because it would come and go… flare up and then calm down. Finally, after seeing a dermatologist, I got a diagnosis and was prescribed Finacea for treatment. It did help for a long time. But recently, when I tried Finacea to treat a flare-up, it made my skin sting and burn and itch so terribly I figured there had to be another solution.

Since I have been using my homemade coconut oil balm as a face wash and moisturizer, I decided I would just use some extra as a treatment for the flareup.

Rosacea Flare UpThe picture above is day 1 of a bad flare up. Very red, hot, swollen face. 🙁

I gently applied coconut oil throughout the day, it felt cool and soothing instead of the burning sting from the Finacea. I used the coconut oil balm to wash my face each morning and evening and as a moisturizer throughout the day.

On the second day, my skin was still red and hot to touch, but the swelling seemed to go down alot.

Rosacea Treatment - Coconut Oil

The next phase was that the skin was very dry and rough, as if the swollen, irritated layer of skin had shrunk and died. It wasn’t nearly as uncomfortable as when it was red and swollen, but I felt like I had elephant hide on my cheeks. I kept gently cleansing with the coconut oil and using extra as a moisturizer.

Coconut Oil treatment for Rosacea After that the rough dry skin began to peel… not like a sunburn peel, but more like flaking off. It was a challenge to try not to scratch off the flaky skin. Instead I applied more coconut oil and used a soft washcloth for gentle exfoliation.

I continued to see improvement and by about the 9th day, my skin was back to being smooth and soft, very little extra redness (just my usual), no dryness, no flakiness, no itch or burn, just my skin – hooray!

Coconut Oil Treatment for Rosaeaa

I hope that the continued use of coconut oil will prevent flare ups, but I haven’t been using it long enough to know. I do know though, that coconut oil as a natural treatment for a rosacea flare-up was a gentle, comfortable, easy and inexpensive treatment that worked.