Coconut Milk Yogurt didn't set up

Coconut Milk YogurtSo, here I go again, trying to find/develop a good recipe for a non-cow’s milk yogurt….

My soy adventures from last year remain undocumented, so I’ll be trying that again soon, but I did try to make yogurt with coconut milk, based on a recipe on this blog: Frugal by Choice, Cheap by Necessity. Unfortunately I didn’t have the coconut flour she mentions in the recipe, so I made mine with regular flour. BLEH! It came out watery and foamy and just plain weird.

So last night, I tried making it again, but this time without a thickener… just heated coconut milk with a yogurt starter. Oh man, that was even worse! This time it came out as almost completely water with little puffs of a yummy coconut foam. I tried straining it, thinking if I could just get that yummy coconut creaminess I’d be happy, but it wouldn’t strain through a coffee filter (or just it did just a little) but it was still too watery and yucky.

I found this website that says that coconut milk won’t set up like regular milk yogurt: But the instructions on this blog post are far to involved and complex for me. I did think about trying to make it with a little gelatin added and maybe I will next time I find coconut milk on sale…

For now, it’s back to the drawing board. I think I’ll go back to trying with soy, since it’s more readily available than coconut milk. Since my sensitivity to cow’s milk is not so severe, I usually use a dairy yogurt as a starter (though you can get non-dairy starters at places like Cultures for Health). Maybe the trick is to not try to thicken it as it cultures, but simply to strain it afterward.