Approaching God, Trusting Love

Early in March there was a Women’s Retreat at St. Rose of Lima in Newtown. The organizers began planning the retreat in the Fall of 2012. There would be speakers giving witness talks, table leaders to facilitate small group discussions, quiet time of reflection and of course good food. They expected 20-30 attendees (a fairly large group compared to other retreats.)

St. Rose Women's Retreat
St. Rose Women’s Retreat 2013

But after the tragedy on December 14, 2012. Things changed. Not only did the number of women more than double (there were 72 attendees), but also two new speakers stepped up. Mothers of children who were lost in the unspeakable violence on 12/14.

It was an amazing day of sharing, caring and love. To hear each of the speakers share their stories opened my eyes and my heart to the power of God, the power of Love, in all of our lives. After the Moms spoke, one woman said “I have been praying so hard for all of you to find strength and grace in this terrible circumstance. And the fact that you are here, sharing your stories with us shows me that my prayers have been answered.”

Let us all keep praying for an end to violence in the world, for a renewal of a culture of life instead of the culture of death we are currently wallowing in. Let us open our hearts and our minds to those in our community who need the peace of God’s Love. Let’s allow this tragedy to change us all for the better and make this a safer, more loving world for the generations to come. We can do it. God is with us.

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