Snakes from Virginia? Are they rough earth snakes (Virginia striatula)?

Last weekend while working in the garden I came across two of these snakes in my garden, snoozing away underneath the walkways.

rough earthsnake I starting trying to find out what he (she?) was. I tried a Google Image Search, but got nowhere. I searched for New England Snake Identification, Brown Snake, tried a few more dead-ends, then landed on this result:

The last common small snake is the Rough Earthsnake (Virginia striatula). These can be very common, often several under a single rock. They are gray, brown, or reddish with no obvious markings and the belly is a light tan (never pink). These eat earthworms, slugs, and insect larvae.


Which lead to bunch of great Google Images that looked really close the snakes I found.

Rough Earth Snake: Virginia striatula

However, the Wikipedia entry for Virginia striatula says that their geographic range is Texas to Florida and as far north as Missouri and Virginia. Well, Connecticut is a good bit north of Virginia and it’s still early Spring here (so not very warm).

The first reference and Wikipedia say that this type of snake feeds on earthworms. Which might explain why they are hanging out in my garden. But then the question becomes… I like my earthworms, should I do anything to get rid of these snakes?

It’s also possible that  I am totally off-base and the snakes I found are something entirely different that I haven’t discovered yet, or the range of the Virginia striatula extended quite a bit.

2 Replies to “Snakes from Virginia? Are they rough earth snakes (Virginia striatula)?”

    1. That’s certainly possible.. mine or someone else’s. Or in some garden plants, or soil.
      That must be the way these guys can travel, unless it was such a beautiful day they
      decided to “walk” 🙂

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