Why I love Picasa

Picasa is a software tool for organizing and editing photos. I think it used to be an independent product, but by the time I heard about it, it was owned by Google. As with most things Google, it is a free download.

PicasaThey also talk about Picasa as a tagging and sharing program (via Google+). I’m not so much into the sharing part, but I do like tagging. The cool thing that you can do with tagging in photos is create what are called “people” albums. Once you have tagged a few photos of a specific person Picasa’s face recognition function can “recognize” that person and will keep a “People” album with “thumbnail” pictures of that person.

Since tomorrow is Father’s day, the following is a screen-shot from the People Album of my Dad, Felio Osto.


As you can see the photos are not in any chronological order, but they are all thumbnail portraits of my Dad taken from all the photos I have digitally stored.

A couple of years ago, I had the goal of scanning in all of our old photos (and negatives and slides) into a digital format, which took me over a year to complete, but I finally did it. Now all of our cameras are digital, so keeping them organized in Picasa is easy to do. The next step is to begin tagging and captioning all the photos, so that when I go to look for “that great picture on the dunes when were in Cape Cod” I can use the search function to find exactly the right photo.

In addition to my hunger for information of all kinds, I also love to be the “archivist” the keeper of the family stories and histories. I will be blogging more about that hobby on a new site I started this week, ScrapbookingMaven.com. Every time I register a new domain name I think of my daughter saying “How many websites does one girl need?” Well, daughter, I don’t know. I haven’t hit my limit yet! 🙂

Other things you can do with Picasa, besides organize your photos, are things like, adding text or borders, cropping, editing the lighting, retouching or adding a variety of really cool filters to “fancy-up” your pictures. I also learned today that in addition to the basic ability to add text to photos, there’s now a whole section called “Creative Kit” where you can add things like speech bubbles or silly things like mustaches or tiaras (I’ll probably play with that more later.)

Following are several articles on some of the other ways of using Picasa:

Do you use Picasa? What do you like best about it?

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