SPAM by Sears

I have a few pet peeves. SPAM is one of them. The FTC has put out very specific guidelines on marketing emails and in 2003 the CAN-SPAM (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography And Marketing Act) act was signed into law.

Several months ago, I began receiving marketing emails from Sears, that I never signed up for. I searched for, and found, the–required by law–unsubscribe link.

Sears SPAM

As expected, this brought me to a page where I could choose to unsubscribe from Sears promotional emails. Only there was a glitch… Sears responded that my email, the one they are using to SPAM me, is not a valid email address.

Sears SPAM

So, I called the customer service number and reached what sounded like a call center in India. Where I explained that I had tried to unsubscribe and asked to be taken off the email list. I was assured that my email address had been removed from their list.

However, emails continue to arrive. So, now it’s time to report them to the FTC. If Sears (or anyone else) is SPAMming you, you can do this too. Maybe if enough of us complain, we can make a difference.

Here’s the link to report businesses that are violating the CAN-SPAM law:

There are several pages to the complaint form, but it’s easy enough to fill out…

Sears SPAM

After submitting the complaint, there are links to several other resources to help you reduce the amount of SPAM email you get. I will include them below in the Reference/Resources section.

To help save my sanity, I will now create a filter in my Gmail to delete any email messages that come from this Sears address. However, if they (or someone else) is SPAMming you too, please report them to the FTC and perhaps together we can reduce the amount of junk email flooding cyberspace.


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