I’ve lost a webpage! Google Cache to the Rescue

The alternate title of this could be how Google Cache saved my …  I started a website the other day under a domain name that I later decided I wanted to change. So, I decided to delete the old domain from my hosting account and add the new one. I thought I was being so careful by using the save page as function in Google Chrome to save the pages of the old website.

save-page-as (1)

However, I discovered AFTER deleting the domain from my hosting account and setting up the new domain name that pages saved that way (or at least WordPress pages saved that way) don’t really get saved at all. It was as if the saved page was just a bookmark and when the web-page was gone, the “saved page” was gone too.

Arrrgh! Several pages of posts just lost in the ether.

So, I figured, I can’t be the only one who has lost a webpage and needs to get it back. I did a little searching around and found that you can very easily search for Google’s cached version of a webpage by using the cache: search operator.

Google CacheGoogle then brings you to their saved (cached) version of the page with this little info-bar at the top:

cache-header (1)

And Voilà, your page, as it appeared in Google’s Cache. And for me, exactly what I was looking for!

lost-post (1)So, the next time you’ve lost a webpage or even a whole website, use the cache:operator in Google to find the saved version of your page.

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