The Power of Caring – Avatar Pro Course

Day 1 of the Avatar Professional Course in Orlando, FL. I am here, reviewing this course for the first time in 11 years (I’m a bit of an anomaly here, most people reviewing the course are regular attendees.) Why did I come back?

The Professional Course… “provides the mental and emotional keys to successfully employ your best talents in the world.”

This seemed like a fantastic way to take my business to the next level, to insure I bring the best of myself to my work.

What happened when I started to do the coursework? …. I immediately hit a wall of resistance I had built around myself, and subsequently I not only felt terrible, but nearly immediately decided that coming here was a bad idea and that I should hop a plane back home ASAP. Isn’t personal development fun? 😉

Here’s where the story gets interesting. One of the other students on course noticed my distress and reached out, to be present with me in my fear, to offer a listening ear, and a helping hand (Thank you Bev!). She also gently, but firmly encouraged me to speak with one of the course instructors, to help me sort out my emotional turmoil.

With some fantastic coaching by one of the instructors (Thank you Barb!) I was able to unravel the “knot-ball” of my distress, make some profound discoveries about what was causing me pain, and continue on with the course with a lighter, happier heart.

How easy it is to close our eyes to someone else’s distress, to tell ourselves that “She will work it out on her own.” or “I shouldn’t intrude.” What opportunities do we miss to be of service to one another? What chances for loving kindness do we pass by each day? The amazing women who reached out to me have opened my eyes to the power of caring, and the profound change we might be able to make in someone’s life, just by being present.


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