Why I Left Facebook, and Why I Returned


Last year, around this time, I got a little “Like Happy”on Facebook and liked a post that made a statement that wasn’t “quite” true… I got “slapped” by a few friends, calling me on the accuracy of the statement. And in my frustrated embarrassment, I left Facebook in a fit of pique.

For a long while it was wonderful, it cut down on the noise in my life, it freed up time that otherwise would have been sucked into the cyber-vortex of browsing my news feed. I kept my account active, because I do some administration on clients’ Facebook pages, but I didn’t post, or read my news feed for months and months.

The best part was the quiet. The worst was the loss of information, the loss of connection.

Like it or not, Facebook is a global communication medium, an arena where people of all ages “gather” in cyberspace to share information, to boast a bit, to express viewpoints as well as sympathy and prayers. It provides a way to reach large groups of people quickly and easily. I don’t think it’s reach can be duplicated in any other way.

So, here I am, back on Facebook… liking posts, cruising my newsfeed, boasting a bit and enjoying the feeling of being just a little more connected.

God, What Do You Think I Should Do?

According to Matthew Kelly, Dynamic Catholic Speaker and Author, this the THE question. The question that changed his life. The question that has dropped out of the vocabulary of Christians world-wide. The question that is possibly the most important question you can ask to move you toward the life God wants you to lead, the life where you become the Best Version of Yourself.

© Creative Commons "Promises" by Kamilla Oliviera http://askjo.co/1IsFSvW is licensed under CC https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/us/
© Creative Commons “Promises” by Kamilla Oliviera http://askjo.co/1IsFSvW is licensed under CC https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/us/

After Matthew came to do a Passion and Purpose Workshop at St. Rose of Lima in 2011, I started asking the question daily in my journal, and getting answers! I just recently found that journal (that I handily abandoned sometime along the way) and was amazed by the answers. The answers were profound, clearly inspired by the Holy Spirit and delivered to me in writing simply because I ASKED the question.

Have I followed through on the advice I so divinely received? Sort of. Well, some of the time. I’ve thought about them a lot.

But that’s a topic for another post.

Find the Answers, Ask the Questions!!

Behind the Times – Amazon Affiliate Program in Connecticut

Well, this is embarrassing.

Back in 2011, when Governor Malloy changed some CT tax laws, Amazon dropped all it’s Amazon Affiliates.

But apparently, unbeknownst to me, in 2013 they reinstated the program after a deal with the state.

So, I apologize to all those people that I steered wrong.

If you need any help getting your Amazon Affiliate program set, up, just let me know.